Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Download Move Comment Confluence Plugin FREE

How did i know about this plugin?

One of my colleagues mentioned to me about a Confluence Plugin that we can use to Move a wiki page comment to other page or convert it to a wiki page itself. And interesting thing is that if you move a comment, its child comments also get moved. It was quite useful plugin for Confluence users.

How does it work?

Check below screen shot and you will see that how a new Move link is added to each comment.

And when you click on this Move link, it takes you to a page where it asks you about the wiki space and page where you want to move it. You can even check the Create new page checkbox if you want to convert this comment as a new wiki page. That's really useful.

Is it FREE now?

Obviously, No. When i searched for this plugin, i reached where i got this plugin URL:

This plugin is NOT FREE anymore. It was built by Adaptavist and they love plugins. That's why, they are not offering it free anymore. ;) This URL now redirects you to which allows you to download the plugin but on Try or Buy basis. This was not an option for me. I wanted the free version they were offering in the past.

It's FREE for you. Download now

I googled but did not find any old download links for that plugin. All of them were redirected. However, thanks to Google, i did manage to find an old download link from adaptavist website: (looks like they forgot to redirect this one)

So, you can download from above link and in case if Adaptavist reads this blog post and redirect that link as well, you may download it from here.

Best of luck!